Concierge Care

Maximum Wellness

For us, “wellness” means being proactive to keep you healthy and help prevent disease.

  • Comprehensive, highly thorough annual medical examination to fully assess your health status and determine how to protect and maximize it
  • Strong focus on preventive medicine and long-term health and wellness
  • Ongoing education and information about general health and topics specific to your individual health

Access to your physician

As a member of our concierge practice, you’ll have:

  • Same-day or next-day appointments
  • Little or no office waiting time
  • Direct phone access to your doctor and our staff… and prompt return calls
  • All the doctors’cell phone numbers on a laminated card
  • Access to your own medical records and information

Ample time

By limiting the number of patients in our practice, your doctor has more time to devote to you, including:

  • Longer appointments for more complete communication & the most effective care
  • More time for education… and for helping you wade through the overabundant misinformation
  • More time to dedicate to researching topics related to your individual health… even when you’re not here

Peace of mind

Illness and injury happen. When they do, you’ll get:

  • Attentive integrated care in which your doctor will serve as an advocate, partner and vanguard of your health, working with other doctors and specialists
  • Long-term disease management
  • Counseling about issues related to serious disease and end-of-life issues involving your family